Friday, October 13, 2006

It has finally come time to revisit my blogspot blog and give all of my faithful readers (I am aware of at least one) a couple of news tidbits as we near election day. Among the most important, the results to Mark Warner's Forward Together PAC NH MapChangers poll have been posted, and I placed 5th. This means that not only do I have a lot of friends with Internet connections, but that I will also be receiving a $1000 donation from Forward Together. I can't express how much this helps me out as it would have been very difficult for me to fund my campaign expense out of pocket. I am sure all my college friends could easily relate. Abig thank you to anyone who voted for me.

Moving on, I am currently at home right now (yes, it's a Friday night and I am sitting at home typing on a blog) and getting ready to go out tomorrow and tackle political sign distribution with more enthusiasm than you can shake a stick at. The bad news is that as of right now only one sign is currently up, and it is on my front lawn. The good news is that I have yet to see any of my opponents signs (I do not consider Jane Clemons or Dave Campbell opponents, as both of them are incumbents and are both obviously going to win, and to the best of my knowledge we are running as a team). However, I am anticipating a rampant change in the bad news department and there is no doubt in my mind that it will become a reality. If you know anyone that lives on Main St. or East Dunstable Road (Main Street side), or even Kinsley or Lund Road, let me know if they would be willing to throw up a Fontas for State Rep sign. It would help me out big time.

Finally, I now have a pretty hefty surplus in my campaign budget. Send me some suggestions on what I should do with it! The idea of taking out a full page advertisement in the newspaper has been thrown around, and the more I think of it the more it sounds like a great plan. But if you have any ideas, shoot me an email at fontas.j@

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