Friday, October 20, 2006

Well the election is less than twenty days away and things are really getting down to the wire. I am typing yet another blog entry on my Friday night at home, deja vu I suppose. This week has encompassed a lot of new and exciting campaign happenings which I will begin to detail for you in a very exciting and engrossing fashion.

One thing that I was surprised about in the past week was the amount of contact I have been receiving from the press. Throughout the week, I completed two interviews with two seperate publications, which I am really excited about. The first article will be published in our daily local Nashua publication, the Telegraph, in I believe the Sunday paper. The interview went really well, at least from my perspective, so I am hopeful that the article does a lot to not only give the voters a feel for who I am but also introduce me to the Telegraph readership as a whole. I personally feel my campaign (and Andy's as well) has an undeniable intriguing nature to it, which I'm hoping will serve to garner at least some interest in the electoral process where it currently does not exist. In this light, I am really glad it is getting some press.

The other interview was with my school's publication, the Northeastern News, which will really just serve as an informative article for students at the school. Again, nothing would please me more than creating an interest in politics in a group that so frequently too apathetic.

Moving on, tomorrow I will be attending a Nashua Democrats event where General Wes Clark will be in attendance. I really cannot wait for this event, it has been in the back of my head all week long. Obviously, I will give everyone a report upon my return.

Tomorrow also marks another big day in terms of door-to-door campaigning and sign dispersement. While some signs have been distributed, I look forward to this weekend will also be a big success. Again, if you are interested in a campaign sign, let me know! I'll even bring it to your house or business.

It dawned on me while writing this blog post that I may have not given out my personal info yet. If you need to contact me, shoot me an e-mail (this is probably best) at fontas.j@ Or if you really need to contact me, my cell phone number is (603) 440-3483. That's it for today, have a great weekend!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

jeff fontas! more blogs! now that you have an article in the northeastern news, you should update.

Fontas for NH hous 06. has a good ring to it.

Lucy Fitzgerald Bullock

9:03 PM  

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